3 month old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

I am Trini, a 4-month-old female Cross-Breed and I am looking for a home. I was abandoned with only a few weeks of life together with my 3 other siblings in cardboard in front of a pound in Northern Spain.

Thanks to the girls from Teluma’s Dream, who took us quickly out of that hell hole because of the risks involved in a pound for puppies with barely 1 month of age, we are all growing happily safe, secure, cared for and loved in a foster home in Spain.

I am from the size the smallest of the litter, but I have great assertiveness. I am now old enough to find my forever home and looking forward to getting to know my new family.

As a girl of such a tender age, Trini is unscathed by events in her life to date and has the generous-hearted innocence and wonderful playful temperament that can be expected of a puppy.

Trini has a nature-loving, trusting and affectionate temperament, with a charming and memorable demeanour.

She is friendly and sociable with people and other dogs but is still in the development phase, so her future family need to be patient and understanding with her, to help her learn how to walk nicely on a lead, for housetraining, boundaries, manners, and to continue her socialization process.

As an intelligent young puppy, Trini will need an owner who can take the time to offer her the basic training that she needs in order to do justice to her actively developing mind and body so that she is equipped with the life skills allowing her to blossom into the fabulous adult dog that she is destined to become.

We are looking for an active family or person, who is committed to the decision of adopting a puppy and with everything that this implies.

A puppy needs to be completely educated and socialized, that is why we don’t consider first dog owners and are looking for a dog experienced home who knows how to manage the education, training and socialization of a puppy and also has the time and patience for this.

We don’t know the parents of her litter and therefore don’t have any information about the crossbreed she might be, but taking her current weight of about 12kg

into account and the size of her paws, the vet assumes that she will grow to be a large girl of around 25-35kg. Trini likes to run, play, jump and dig in the garden.

She is an active girl and having her size in mind, we are looking for a home with older children, or solely adults, as we want dogs who require more time like herself to be the priority. She will require an adopter who is used to large-sized dogs and who can give her the daily exercise and attention that a dog of this impressive calibre requires to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Trini is growing up with her siblings, but also with 3 further dogs why she is used to being around dogs. She would surely enjoy having a further dog companion at home from who she would be able to learn.

Nevertheless, this is not a requirement, if she gets enough dog interaction and time to play with other dogs on her walks or outdoor activities.

As a puppy of such a super temperament and exuberant spirit; Trini will make an outstanding best friend and will lavish eternal gratitude and unconditional love upon her human companion, for the rest of her life!

Trini is microchipped, vaccinated, fully health checked and comes with a full passport. Due to her age, she is not yet neutered and this will be a requirement of her adoption.

Trini will travel from Spain directly to her forever family as soon as the right home comes forward. Please be aware that we rehome dogs to England and Wales, but NOT Scotland. If you want to spend the next 10-15 years with this gorgeous girl, please don’t hesitate and get in touch.

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